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All-in-one business
phone service

Phone service on the nation’s largest carriers

Every business phone feature you need

No separate VoIP provider required

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Hooray! We have coverage in your area! 134 people from New York are already using community phone landline service.
We are launching here soon. Please email us at or call us at 888-582-4177 if you would like us to come to you sooner.
Join thousands of large and small businesses who have saved money and simplified
their phone service with Community Phone

Business phone service, simplified

Get landline or cell phone service and every business phone feature you need. No internet, apps, or VoIP subscription required. Starting at $99/month.
Phone service on the nation’s largest, most reliable networks
Landline and cell phone service on two of the leading nationwide networks
Premium business phone features
Every phone feature your business needs, without an app or separate VoIP subscription
Industry-leading customer support
A dedicated account manager to help you set up and manage your phone system
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“We recently switched to Community Phone from a VoIP provider due to the system dropping calls. I SPOKE TO A HUMAN on the phone WITHOUT BEING PUT ON HOLD, and have an email thread of 51 emails answering all of my annoying questions! They are great and the system has been amazing!”

- Nicki D, Mental Health Counselor

Supercharge your business phone line

All the features your business phone line needs, with a dedicated account manager to help you get it all set up

Custom dial menu
Play a recorded greeting when your customers call. Share important company information and make a professional first impression.
Call Routing
Route calls to the right person, every single time with your business phone line. Whether it’s a Community Phone landline or a personal cell phone, we got you covered.
Ring a second line if busy
Never miss another call with our business landline phone service. Our system enables you to ring a second phone line if the first is busy, or no one answers.
Simultaneous Ring
Our business phone plans allow you to ring as many phones with one call as you need. Make sure all your incoming phone calls are answered by the appropriate staff.
Live Call Transfer
If your business has multiple people who handle different inquiries, we make it easy to get calls to the right person. Anyone with a Community Phone can transfer a call to anyone else.
Set up a business voicemail recording, and send voicemail recordings and transcriptions to your email, so anyone in your company can respond to missed calls.
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The easiest, most reliable way to communicate
with customers

Stay connected to leads and customers and manage all your communication on your business phone number
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A phone system for any type of business

Plans start at $99/month. Get your custom quote today.
Senior Living Facility
Logistics Service
Apartment Building
Gas Stations
Religious Institutions
Nail Salon
Auto Repair Shop
Medical Clinic
Business Center
Auto Insurance
Cafe Restaurants
Retirement Home
Jewelry Store
Dental Clinic
Barber Shop
Beauty Salon
Educational Services
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All your questions answered

How good is the call quality?

Unlike VoIP, your call quality is not based on the strength and consistency of your internet connection. That means there is no lagging or dropped calls caused by an unreliable internet connection.

What devices do you support?

Our base station works with most existing landline phones.

Can I choose a new number?

Yes, you can choose a local or toll-free number.

Can I transfer my current phone number?

Yes, our team will work with you to port your number from your current provider.

Does it require internet? What’s the difference between Community Phone and VoIP?

Unlike traditional VoIP, Community Phone does not require an internet connection. By connecting directly to the nation’s largest wireless networks, we guarantee more reliable, consistent service than VoIP.

How does the system work?

Our service works by connecting your landline phone to cell towers in your area via our landline base. Our team will Inside the landline base is a SIM card that Community phone use LTE to provide phone services to new and existing landline phones.

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